because i'm bored...
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Arizona Model Promoter. GoGo. - - - > <3s sand on my butt. high heels. glitter nails. road trips. partly cloudy with sunshine. laughter. ice cream cones. cuddles. hello kitty. pink things.the big bang theory. bill nye tsg. old book smell. lipgloss. barbies. eskimo kisses.


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hey cupcake.&#160;; )
Helllllooo&#8230;. Kitty!
Rock on!
hop! hop! hop!
Natural Lip Gloss.
You know that feeling when you work on a page for awhile, perfect the layout, adjust all the links, get the right background and tunes going&#8230; post stuff you really enjoy and then you sit back and go, &#8220;ahhh&#8221;? Yes, that&#8217;s this moment captured.
It&#8217;s pretty much what I fixate on.